Welcome to our website!

This blog is mainly going to be used to keep all of our supporters updated but I’m also going to use it to share stories about our journey to make this dream come alive. We have located a home, at a good price, that only requires refurbishing. It’s eerie in a good way in that it’s like it was built for us.  We submitted grant number 3 to the TLL Temple Foundation to purchase this home. I will readily admit our first 2 grants fell hard by the wayside so we learned from our mistakes and dove back in. So, that being the case, we started over and I think we have a much better grant application and I’m proud of it! Who knew I could do budgets and projected operational budgets! We will also be submitting a grant to the Pineywoods Foundation next week  as well as the Kurth Foundation in June to help with our renovations.  So stay tuned and pray that I can stay out of God’s way.  If this is to happen it’s gonna be in His time!