Gut shots and prayers

Many of you have asked for updates but lately we’ve had to back up and regroup. Several weeks back we heard, unofficially, from the Kurth Foundation as to our grant request for $90,000. They were very nice and supportive in telling us that they love this idea and think it will be great for Lufkin but they do not give start-up monies.  They did say they look forward to giving once The Joseph House is up and running so that is positive!  The Pineywoods Foundation is still in the process of restructuring although they have told us they will respond, we just don’t know when.

This weekend my son and I spent many hours cranking out more grant requests. Thank you Jacob for all your hard work in sharing you computer talent, support and having patience with your old mom. We submitted grants to The Meadows Foundation for $100,000 and to The Wal-Mart Foundation for $25,000. I am working on three more grants and hope to get them submitted within the next couple of weeks.

We presently have $217,000 from grants and individual donations from good folks like you. In the perfect world we’d need about $260,000 more. But in the real world we could probably purchase the house we have found if we received another $100,000. If anyone has a rich uncle that’s bored and wants to give away money let me know!! Right now, we really need something that people/contributors can see and touch!

I had a nice gentleman tell me one day that he was going to no longer pray for The Joseph House because God had already said yes and he wasn’t going to bug him anymore. I too feel God has said yes, but I have to find the path He’s laying before me.  I know that when God closes one door, He opens another. I am asking for prayer in that guidance as the hallway gets awful dark and lonely at times.