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Twilight 5k & fun run

Its time for the second annual Twilight run being held in downtown Lufkin.

John Michael Talbot Benefit Concert

We are happy to announce a benefit concert featuring John Michael Talbot.  Ticket are currently available.  Click below to enlarge.  This makes a great Christmas present!!!        

A Christmas Blessing

Seems I haven’t posted since August and there are many reasons why and it’s not that we weren’t working! Things began moving rapidly and moving fast and I felt no post was warranted until things were set in place and, as it’s been from the beginning, it was going to be in God’s time, not […]

Gut shots and prayers

Many of you have asked for updates but lately we’ve had to back up and regroup. Several weeks back we heard, unofficially, from the Kurth Foundation as to our grant request for $90,000. They were very nice and supportive in telling us that they love this idea and think it will be great for Lufkin […]

Blessings continue

This week we received notification as to one of our grant applications. The TLL Temple Foundation awarded us $100,000.00. Needless to say we were more than thrilled and humbled by their faith and support in this new concept. In this journey of The Joseph House  we have been blessed over and over.  Back in February, […]

With all the grant applications submitted I find myself in a state of peace. I don’t know what else I can do to make this vision become a reality.  I came across the below sent to me by a friend. It says a lot about what I’ve been through the last year.  It affirms in […]

Welcome to our website!

This blog is mainly going to be used to keep all of our supporters updated but I’m also going to use it to share stories about our journey to make this dream come alive. We have located a home, at a good price, that only requires refurbishing. It’s eerie in a good way in that […]