About Us

Board of Directors

The officers and directors of The Joseph House, who serve without compensation, include an experienced blend of exceptional community professionals that add value to the corporation with the expertise essential to oversee such a meaningful endeavor. The nature of the clients served requires an oversight group uniquely qualified in the medical, facility care and assessment, business and “end of life” issues.  The current board is a collection of individuals with experience and education that complement the goals and objectives of the organization.


President – Judy George

Vice-President – Jim Huggins

Secretary –  Martha Keely

Neva Brown

Susie Carroway

Mark Cook

Joe Flood

Kay Goodwin

Holly Henderson

Robin Wanner

George Wing

Doug Russell

Kevin Terry – Facility Director


Joseph of Arimethea

The Joseph House was inspired by biblical truths regarding the significant role of Joseph of Arimathea, one of the unsung heroes of the Bible. The Bible tells us that women stood such as the blessed Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of Zebedee’s sons, and various other, unnamed women tended to and prayed for the dying Jesus upon the cross. There was only one man, Joseph of Arimethea, standing with them. The Apostles had all fled and were in hiding, fearful for their own lives. Joseph stood by the Blessed Mother and comforted her as she watched her son die. Joseph was a member of the Council, but had not agreed to the judgment for he was a believer and awaited the kingdom of God. It was Joseph who stood “in the gap” between the mockers and blasphemers to safeguard the expiring Jesus. Joseph helped comfort the grieving and reclaimed the body of Jesus from Pilate for burial in his own tomb. The Joseph House commemorates this comforter within its name. For it is in comforting that we are comforted. It is in dying that we are all born to new life.

Joseph’s conviction, courage, and commitment to Jesus and to the truth led him to “stand in the gap” when God needed him to do so. What he did made possible the striking witness of the empty tomb, which was a catalyst for many to believe in the resurrection of the Son of God. The Joseph House is a specialty care facility designed to “stand in the gap” between the unforgiving diagnosis that a patient is terminal and their “end of life” reality.